Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I must say, the Fifth Night was very interesting to go through.

I experienced my own version of the "Opposite Sketch" that I saw everyone else entering with the major energetic shift...I found that the very thing I've been trying to Fix, Change, and Transmute within me for the past I-don't-know-HOW-long has been the very thing that doesn't need to be Fixed, Changed, or Transmuted! She feels out of sorts because the world is out of sorts. She has felt "out of place" because places that truly honor Pure Innocence are precious few and very far between right now. She feels cranky and upset that things aren't going more "her way" because she's already there, in that shiny new place, and doesn't quite understand what all the fuss is about here, with this whole "in the fullness of time" business.
I can finally see: I, too, have Star Medicine running through my veins.
I can finally see: I, who have been encouraging other "Star Children" to stick around in this reality, because they carry such rare and valuable treasures that are really needed here and now, haven't given that same encouragement to the one who needs it the most: ME.
Finally, I've come to the place where I truly and Unconditionally Love & Accept My*Self - and the Universe shifted with me. Whoa.
Representing the Unconditionally Loving Heart. (Naples, FL 6/11)
With this Universal Shift came a much-needed Wake-Up call for my journey...
After the umpteenth (slightly heated) discussion with my mother about money and financial issues, I sat down, looked at the bank account, looked at the numbers, crunched them for a while, and came to my own version of "An Inconvenient Truth" - in roughly nine months, at the rate we're going now, the money "safety net" is going to disappear. I have that long to Real-Ize my dreams, in one form or another.
Oddly enough, I wasn't frightened by that Moment of Illumination. My first thought: Thank you, Great Mother, for giving me a definitive timeline for me to act. My second thought: Ooh. Nine months. Tres symbolic! :-)
Just as Mercury Retrograde was ending, and the moon turned from waning to waxing, I concentrated my energy and went to Work. My first result: the creation of an "official" Website for myself. Easier - and WAY cheaper - than I was dreading! Huzzah! I am grateful and overwhelmed by the support I've gotten for it thus far.
I am opening myself to explore all options to increase my prosperity, including those in the muggle workforce once more. At this moment, it looks like I'm going to be best served by a mix of mystic and muggle sources of income...at least, while we have this Agreement that we call "the economy" in place. Already, I've gotten nibbles of interest in both of these areas; again, Huzzah!
Feeling, and Seeing, the possibilities Blooming before me! (Naples, FL 6/11)
With definitive action being taken to REAL-ize my dreams, I felt the Veil of Negative Apathy being dashed from my soul. With the (energetic) shift from introversion to extroversion, I am feeling inspired and motivated anew. There are no worries; I will be fully financially supported Well Before the nine months are up! The exciting part is going to be what else I'm going to birth out of this explosion of Creative Force...A-ho! :-)

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