Monday, July 26, 2010

Butterfly Nation

Very real. Very gorgeous. Mebane, NC 7/10

I was dancing in North Carolina roughly a week ago, gathering anew with my home tribe.
It was my third visit to this fine lush green state, but my first as checking it out to see if it would be my home state. Yes, this is the place where I have been considering relocating. Before you scratch your head and ask, "Why on earth would YOU, of all people, go THERE?" I would invite you to Google "Asheville, NC" and see what comes up. You'll be pleasantly surprised, if you're not in the know already
Before you do, a wee sampling:

Actual water running through an actual riverbed! (Near Chimney Rock)

Peace pole at the Light Center. (Near Asheville)

View from inside "Malaprops Bookstore," which gets beaucoup points for the name alone! (Asheville)

City art in downtown Asheville.

I did have another pair of ulterior motives for visiting early: one, it was cheaper to fly in on a Thursday than a Friday. Two, I wanted to plant a crystal grid around the property of my friend D., who had just recently moved onto said property with the intention of turning it into a communal home and nexus-point for peeps to gather in the name of Sanctuary. That it is, in spades.
I know that it will be a good place for me to rest, renew, and recharge - and I can see myself living there.
But not today. I have Work to do here, in Cali. :-)

Driving to the retreat was an experience and a half for this Cali-girl. About halfway there, I got the opportunity to drive through rain. And I mean RAIN, as in the heavens opened up All The Way and these giganto drops were being thrown at my windshield in insane quantities and I could barely see the road at times with all the spray being kicked up and everyone else was driving with their hazard lights On & Blinking so when in Rome, ya know...
Yeah. THAT kind of rain - the kind we almost never see in SoCal!
However, if I do say so myself, I am pleased to report I drove like a native; or at least, someone from Seattle instead of San Diego. ;-)

This time, my home tribe came together to Glow for four days instead of three. Loved the extra day; I didn't feel as rushed this time as I had in the past. I reveled in the opportunity to commune more deeply, and absorb more of the lovely gestalt energies...

Bounty of the gathering. Mebane, 7/10

Lammas is just around the corner!

The Faerie Grove. More than fireflies hang out here... ;-)

Gratuitous chicken shot. Yes, they have an actual free-range chicken colony there!

The Blessed Mother, with offerings at Her feet.

...and I'll admit, this time, I got rather verklempt on the drive to my friend T's home about an hour away. This time, I didn't want it to end. The Bard was right; parting IS such sweet sorrow.

The unofficial theme for our retreat was "Awakening to Spiritual Freedom." It was more than that for some of us; it was also awakening to our Spiritual Destiny.

Butterfly Maiden~
Symbol of transformation
As She spreads Her wings...

We are the Butterfly Nation. Viva La Revolucion! :-D

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