Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spring Quickening

Did I mention earlier that I had enrolled in an online course provided by one of my succulent Net friends, Miss Leonie?
In case I didn't, I have. Check her out at

I've been bringing some much needed juiciness back to my creative center. The promise that the Universe whispered into my ear is being fulfilled.
I've been working out my creative muscles and stretching gently out of my comfort zone:
~Artwork in three dimensions, a place I'd visited only once before.
~Putting a lot of effort into manifesting a work of deep spirit and meaning...and just letting it go to be gently dissolved in the wilderness.
~Painting. On a canvas. With adornments waiting to be added.
~Collage with layers and overlapping bits.
When I am Creating, there is no difference between the secular and the sacred. They are one within me, one around me. Perhaps it can be said that I pray through my art. (Ooh, deep!)

The challenge will be carrying this wave of creativity out beyond the course; I'm halfway through it now. I suspect that it won't be a big of a challenge as I think.

I'm also setting up my online store to sell my CD through. One thing: first I need to get the music into my computer so I can upload it! (lol) Okay, a spot of trial and error to come. The graphics will be super easy, as I already have the cover and text ready to shoot off.
And then there's my RL offerings...get a bulk run of covers or microbrew them myself as I need to? Hmmm...
Then there's the marketing of my*self. Once the e-course ends, space will be freed up for me to start pulling on some of the strands of my web to see who will let me come and play with them. Start loading up the van, dude, for the Magickal Mystery Tour! ;-)

The pulse of rebirth and renewal has gone out, and I feel myself quickening within in response...

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