Saturday, February 14, 2009

being single on the day of love

Okay, here I am, taking one of my veils off and tossing it aside...
I am a single woman.

Yes this day is marketed towards couples, with romance, roses, and rich chocolate. Maybe even a ring or two. Yes, there was the odd year when I felt like the odd woman out.
Not today. Not this year.

Today I visited a dear friend of mine in San Diego. I met her on the Net and we've since cultivated a friendship IRL. Her new year also started with a bang - in a different, not so nice way.
So today I took her some prezzies and went to sit and share with her for a couple of hours.
We took tea together and chewed the fat, with a little lean for variety. ;-)
Then I did the "outrageous" thing one can do as a single woman on a day "meant" for couples:
I took myself out for lunch.
Table for one, so I could enjoy my own company without interruption.
A lovely mushroom swiss veggie burger was the choice for lunch, with potato salad and broccoli to accompany it.
(What? Having a burger without french fries?? Yes, I'm eating healthier these days - din'cha know? Oh, maybe not. I'll have to discuss that next time...or the time after that...) ;-)
Then I went home, after a fashion. Well, there was the fact that I was in the wrong lane, and I had to get on I-5 first...but I-8 was very close at hand! (lol)
Madonna was my co-pilot there and back again.

The takehome lesson for single peeps on days like this:
Go schmooze with a good friend or two.
Then take yourself out to eat.
If anyone asks, say you're just getting to know yourself better. :-)

PS - give yourself complete and total permission to get one of those lovely boxes of chocolates!

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