Monday, October 27, 2008

Things are shifting within me

I would love to provide details - in fact, I've been poised on the edge of adding to this blog several times - I've been poised to make posts on the boards of the cyber-communities that I belong to...but the words won't come.

At least, not here. Not in the strange private~public place that is cyberspace.

My words wait until the morning, when all is quiet, then they spill out onto the pages of my journal. I have been writing like a mad woman these past few days and weeks.

An amusing aside: as I entered this month of October, I put out into the Universe I needed a new journal. Come my birthday, I had three journals! As I tend to take a year to fill a journal completely, I will be taken care of for quite some time! (lol)

Back to this latest turn in the labyrinth...
I know that I am returning to the core of Who I Am in this world, and going a little bit deeper still.
I am returning to the point of Singularity within myself, and following it back to its my Source.
Perhaps I am on the verge of a vast sea change that will transform everything in my life.
I don't know, yet.

So I must abide, and hold myself in absolute acceptance - and when my words are ready to be poured out into the world, they will pour out~spill out~rush out, for mass consumption.

For now, I am content to wait, and watch, and wonder.

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