Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i guess you could call this "indian summer"

Days of heat have returned to my neck of the woods, interspersing themselves in the time of going from "hot" to "not hot" in SoCal. ;-)
Big rolling thunderheads build up in the eastern skies, oodles of fluffy white deepening the surrounding blue of the sky. They tease us with the promise of rain, but rarely deliver. Some parts of my homebase did get rained upon yesterday, but if there was any rain here, I didn't hear it. Maybe it came in the form of verga, I don't know.
What I do know that the thunder serenaded me into wakefulness yesterday morning. It was lovely, since thunderstorms are rather uncommon in these parts.

I feel myself settling back into my groove. This will be the first week back on the schedule I'd agreed upon in the first place: four days on, three days off. Lovely.
And I'm starting to feel the pull to create in my soul again. I need to take up the scissors and fine-tune images again. I need to grab my glue sticks and paste images onto paper again. I create mostly through collage, you see, and I've got a few "unfinished" projects that are quietly, patiently waiting for me.
I put "unfinished" in quotes because, in truth, I'm won't be finished with them until I'm done in this lifetime. I may reach the end of a sketchbook or a journal, but that only means I pick up another one and continue on in it. Stories are coming together in me, and soon they will be expressed through my hands, under the direction of my aesthetic gaze...

At the beginning of the harvest season, I was advised that this time of Creation was at hand. I thought it would be in the days of autumn, but outside circumstances spun me up and out of Kansas, so to speak! Now it looks like my Winter days will be the creative ones, which fits in just perfectly with the flow of the seasons. So I shall be communing with the Rainbow Serpent in the Dreamtime during the days of the dark.

At least that's the plan. Gods know that plans can change in a heartbeat! (lol)

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