Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beholding the Magick of Manifestation

Oh hai...
Before I go too much further along the road, I want to share with you a bit on what happened when I went to Philly, and as it turns out, the New Jersey area as well.

As I was flying in to Philly, my seatmates were a couple who lived in Jersey. They had boarded the plane in NC as refugees from a cancellation from another plane company. We actually had some conversation from NC to PA. (Yes, a marvelous change of pace in our age of iPods & laptops! lol)

Their recommendations to me: the Camden Aquarium, Liberty Mall, the Liberty Bell, and the consumption of a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.

Well, I had arranged to meet my net-friend T. the next afternoon. As we drove into New Jersey, the beach came up in the conversation. So since she lives so close to the beach, we paid it a visit. I knew there was a reason to pack my swimsuit, even though my duffle had been stretched to overflowing to make the trip! So now I have set feet in the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Pacific. :-)

As I went on, I hooked up with K., another other net-friend. She and the bf thought visiting the (Camden) Adventure Aquarium was an excellent idea (ping! manifestation no. 1!) So we paid them a visit - or is that paid them to visit? - where there was a huge surprise waiting for me in the main tank: a hammerhead shark that had arrived in the area on the SAME DAY as I had!

to digress a moment...the hammerhead is the first of my totem animals that revealed itself unto me, with the cat a close second. i've been agog about hammerheads since i could read, and i started reading when i was three. their importance in my life truly belongs in another post, but the synchronicity of seeing THIS shark in ze tank was/is huge.

Back to the vacay...from friends to family I went. My uncle B. took me into downtown Philly the next day. The Liberty Mall, I discovered, wasn't a shopping district, but an historical one (manifestation no. 2). So we prowled around, taking in Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell (manifestation no. 3!). Then we walked a short way over to Ben Franklin's homestead & visited his museum. It wouldn't have been a proper vacation for me to go to Philly without paying my respects to our Founding pagan Father, now, would it? ;-)

As for the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich - well, that failed to manifest. I was seduced by an eggplant panini instead, with some curly fries. Hey, three out of four ain't bad. ;-)

May I continue to synch up with the Universe in ever more delight*full and delicious ways...

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