Thursday, March 27, 2008

oh wowwee!! :-)

Some snippets of what has happened in the intervening time...

~I have beheld three amazing Tantric dancers embody the suffering of our sisters in Africa, then take that suffering and transform it into radical healing & warmfuzzylove support.

~I have confirmed/affirmed the dragon energy that flows through my veins - the dragon that started out as a serpent, then sprouted wings and began to fly!

~I found sanctuary for dreaming in the lap of Kuan Yin. She also passed on lessons in Compassion, and simply be*ing in the moment.

~I stood before Sekhmet, Her*Self, and watched as She went through my agreements, and found my Time Anxiety, and ripped it apart with Her claws! - then invited me to obliterate it completely with my Dragon's Fire!

~I have beheld two dozen zinnia seeds germinate, and shoot up to the sun. I have transplanted these shoots; some have survived the transition, others have not - and it's all okay.

~I have danced and twirled and moved before the lens of a camera, first to capture an image for my CD, then later simply to play. Some of the images that were captured are breathtaking in their symbolism...!

~I brought my Voice to the table, through my throat and through my drum. I Sang & drummed and played with nine of my sisters, and a structure for ritual took shape before my eyes. I now have a "workshop," or as I prefer to call it, a play~date, that I can take out on the road with me along with my CD!

Shadow stirs within me as well:
I found myself sharing in the collective funk that seems to have hit this week. The time anxiety has dissipated, but another anxiety lay beneath it. Call it the fear of decay. It's not a fear of death - but rather, of dying.
Specifically, I had a "belief" that I was destined to die of ovarian cancer. This is not the first time this "belief" has surfaced, but now it's arisen Front & Center in my awareness. I see this as the manifestation of Blade-Consciousness within me, as well as the "Light-Chaser" fear of death & entropy that spurs us to pursue a sort of "transcendent perfection."
I see this an an opportunity to remember the Lesson of the Shaman: In order to live, you must die. The two states are simply sides of the same coin.
So I sit with this as the moon wanes, and I emerge from the Moon Lodge...

And, last but not least - Phoenix~Song is HERE! The CD is in my hot little hands! WOOT!!
I look forward to the Visual to match the Audio very shortly...!! :-D

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