Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Now this is what I've been intending!

I have received confirmation that my first healing circle will be March 21st!
This is the first one where I will be in the driver's seat, and I won't have to worry about whether my contribution will offend anyone! :-)

And today I finally made THE CALL.
Yes, I rang up the recording studio to see what was available.
Would you believe...March 1st?!?

So I will be in the studio, Singing onto a CD, sooner rather than later!

Oh my - YES! itsfinallystartingtohappen!!!

I was going to hit the ground running around this time last year, after I left the synagogue (remember?)
Instead, I went through some dynamic internal transformation. And there was also that lovely li'l side trip to Australia ;-)

Then I was going to hit the ground running on New Year's this year.
But I had not finished the year of transformation yet! See, this "next chapter" began on February 1st last year...so I needed to complete the cycle before I could enter the new one.

Enter it, however, I have.
Strap in & hang on! :-D

1 comment:

  1. hi gorgeous!

    I have been secretly checking your blog for quite a while.

    I love that you are going to record yourself
    and that you are going to run a healing circle.

    this so rocks!

    I love seeing people make their plans and dreams come true.

    love and hugs to you wonderful woman!