Thursday, March 15, 2012

Of work and Work

Moving with the new rhythms. (Encinitas, 1/11)
Nearly three months into this crazy year we're calling "2012," I finally feel like I'm getting a handle on the rhythms of Walking Between the Worlds.
The schedule change I'd been angling for at work came to pass earlier this month. Initially I was a mid-morning to early-evening girl, working the "swing shift" in this particular line of work. Yes, I'm gonna say it...I was a swinger, baby! (lol) While the "late" start was nice, the shift was plonked down smack-dab in the middle of my day, and I didn't have a lot of time on either side of the day to get stuff done outside of work. There were a few occasions I had some major challenges with Time Anxiety, my old familiar adversary, but I stared him down each time and he blinked first, sooner or later.
Now, however, I'm a part of the vanguard of the legion of Morning Commuters heading into work three of the five weekdays, and a fairly early riser on the weekends. Yes, the rumors you've heard are true: I'm mutating into a Morning Person! :-o Before the time change, I managed to add to my collection of sunrises that I've beheld, to go with my extensive collection of sunsets. Post time-change, though, I'm back to dancing in the dark, though Bella Luna has been keeping me company, cloud cover notwithstanding!
The tradeoff, though, is Well Worth It, as I have much of my afternoons and the entirety of my evenings free, just like the average working muggle! I'm still working out the nuances of this new rhythm, for the early hour I need to rise and shine at, much of the week, predisposes me towards turning into a pumpkin much earlier these days. ;-) I'll get it all sorted soon enough, though, no worries.

Just because I'm gainfully and conventionally employed, though, doesn't mean I've let up on any of the Work that I've been doing; a glimpse at my Wetware blog will show that I'm still a pretty busy bee in the mystical department. Two examples of what's cooking in the cauldron at the moment:
Getting Ready to Hatch. (Kit Carson Park, 1/12)

If you're keeping score at home, you'll remember that I mentioned doing some ceremonial work on 11/13/11, after I had to postpone it from 11/11/11. This is one of the end results of that ceremony, the first incarnation of a special juju bundle I'm calling Bach'aya Shumach'anya. I'm doing some prayer-work with the second incarnation now, and will be taking it with me to Questhaven for a special Equinox ceremony next week.

The Chosen Stone. (Home, 3/12)
Speaking of prayer-work...I met this lovely stone after a despacho ceremony in San Diego. I'm using it as a focal point in very special ritual work connected with the Mother of the New Time movement. (News to you? Click on the link above to be taken to the site.) This stone was anointed last new moon and went though its first full working on the full moon last week. I'll be co-creating with this stone up to the Winter Solstice, where I'll be parting ways with it in a special ceremony.

As I come into better alignment with these rhythms currently in my life, I see more and more things unfolding. The summer looks particularly promising and juicy at this moment; more to come as things manifest out of the cauldron! In the meantime, all is well - even during the most persnickety moments of Mercury Retrograde! ;-)

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  1. still got my juju bag of stones and your great energy you brought here into my home last year and look forward to more of your energy entering my home and life soon <3